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Industry Expert & Research Survey

At NTRDE we are building a vertical SaaS solution for chemical companies enabling our users to make better commercial decisions when buying and selling chemical products.
We reach out to you because you are an industry expert and your input can be very valuable to develop a highly innovative software product that really covers the industry-specific needs. There is nothing more important than an in-depth understanding of your business and your daily challenges. Our goal is to provide you with a software solution that you really love and makes you better every day!
15-20 minutes are sufficient to answer the following questions. Thanks in advance for taking your time. We highly appreciate getting your insights!
Every comment counts, so please don't hold back. If you're okay with that, please give us your contact details, so we can contact you, in case to need further clarification! Feel free to answer in bullet points or keywords.
Let's start!

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